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The WolfMan

Engglis :

In 1891, Ben Talbot (Simon Merrells) is confronted by a ultrahuman wolf-like creature in the Blackmoor woods. He tries to escape, but is mauled and killed by the beast.
Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt), Ben's fiancée, has contacted his brother, Lawrence Talbot (Benicio del Toro), the world-renowned Shakespearean actor, saying that Ben disappeared a month ago. Lawrence leaves his theater tour to return to his family's estate in Blackmoor where he has an uneasy reunion with his esstranged father, Sir John (Anthony Hopkins). Later, it is revealed that Lawrence's mother, Solana (Christina Contes), had committed suicide when he was a boy. Lawrence saw his father standing over her dead body, after which, Sir John sent his young son to an insane asylum in London, ostensibly for suffering delusions.
Ben's body, found the day before, has been stored at a slaughterhouse. When Lawrence views his brother's remains, he is horrified—Ben has been viciously mauled. Among Ben's personal effects is a medallion embossed with a monk encircled by three wolves that Ben apparently purchased from gypsies. Later, at the local pub, Lawrence overhears the locals discussing the killing. Many blame the gypsies who are camped outside the town, while another patron claims there was a similar murder several decades earlier, and a werewolf was the suspected killer.
After Gwen returns to London, Lawrence visits the gypsies during a full moon. Maleva, an old gypsy woman, tells him something evil had befallen his brother. The local townspeople then raid the camp to confiscate a dancing bear they believe is the killer. But a wolf-like creature suddenly attacks, slaughtering many people. Lawrence chases a frightened young boy who has run into the woods, but Lawrence is savagely bitten by the creature. The townspeople chase it off before Lawrence is killed. As Maleva sutures his neck wounds, her daughter insists Lawrence should be killed. Maleva refuses, saying he is still a man and that only a loved one can release him.
Gwen returns to Talbot Hall to care for Lawrence. He suffers several fitful dreams, but after a few weeks, appears to have completely recovered. Sir John's faithful Sikh manservant, Singh (Art Malik), shows Lawrence the silver bullets he has and implies that something monstrous is loose in Blackmoor. Inspector Aberline (Hugo Weaving) arrives from London to investigate the recent murders. He suspects Lawrence is responsible based on his mental history and masterful portrayals of mentally-ill protagonists such as Hamlet and Macbeth. As the night comes near, several hunters from the town take position in the woods, waiting for the beast to appear. Worried about what might happen, Lawrence sends Gwen away. He then follows Sir John to Solana's crypt. Beneath the crypt is a catacomb containing a shrine to Lawrence's dead mother. There is also a chair specially fitted with restraints. Sir John tells Lawrence that he has been "dead" for years, then locks himself into the room alone. As Lawrence is leaving, he undergoes a painful transformation into a wolf-like creature. Lawrence, now the Wolfman, runs off to the woods and kills the hunters stationed in the woods. The next day, Sir John leads Aberline and the local police to where a dazed, bloodied, and now-human Lawrence is hiding.
Taken to the same asylum he was committed at as a child, Lawrence is subjected to ice-water and electrotherapy treatments overseen by the sadistic Dr. Hoenneger (Antony Sher). Sir John visits Lawrence and explains that many years before while hunting in India, he was bitten by a feral boy infected with lycanthropy. Lawrence realizes that he saw his father, transformed as a werewolf, kill his mother. Sir John has relied on Singh to imprison him during full moons. Yet one night, Sir John became drunk and got into a heated argument with Ben. Having knocked Singh out and unable to lock himself in, Sir John killed Ben and attacked the gypsy camp. Now intoxicated by the werewolf's immense power, Sir John no longer intends to restrain that potency.
Dr. Hoenneger presents Lawrence, strapped in a chair, to his colleagues as an interesting case study. He claims that when Lawrence is forced to see the moon and his own self unchanged, in front of "all these witnesses", he will be made to see his delusion for what it is, just that, which will be the first step in the beginning of his recovery. Inspector Aberline is also in attendance. As the full moon streams through the window, Lawrence, transforming into the Wolfman, breaks loose and kills Hoenneger. Pursued by Aberline, the Wolfman runs off and goes on a bloody rampage in the streets of London. The next day, the now-human Lawrence goes to Gwen's antique shop for help. The two realize they are falling in love. Aberline arrives and searches the shop, but Lawrence has already escaped and begun the long trek back to Blackmoor.
Gwen studies lycanthropy to find a cure, and tracks down Maleva for help. Maleva confirms that Lawrence cannot be saved and asks God to help Gwen to do what she must. Aberline tracks Lawrence to Blackmoor, this time armed with silver bullets. Gwen also makes her way to Blackmoor.
Lawrence arrives at Talbot Hall and finds Singh's mutilated body hanging in the foyer. He loads a gun with Singh's silver bullets, but when he attempts to shoot Sir John, he discovers that Sir John had secretly removed the powder from the cartridges years ago. When the full moon rises, both transform into werewolves. A vicious fight erupts, they knock over lamps, setting fire to the estate, and Lawrence kills his father. Gwen arrives hoping to save Lawrence, he tries to pounce at her but the Inspector arrives as he is about to attack her. Inspector Aberline bursts in and attempts to shoot the Wolfman, but Gwen disrupts the shot, then flees with Aberline's revolver. The Wolfman bites Aberline, but chases Gwen rather than finish him off.
The Wolfman traps Gwen above a gorge. She pleads with Lawrence, whose consciousness faintly recognizes her. As he hesitates, Gwen shoots him with a silver bullet. As he lies dying, the Wolfman transforms back to Lawrence and thanks Gwen for doing what needed to be done. The wounded Aberline arrives, along with the mob, as Lawrence dies in peace. Gwen's parting words are heard:
"It is said there is no sin in killing a beast
Only in killing a man
But where does one begin and the other end?"
Aberline looks lost and dismayed, not just at the chaotic scene around him: noisy mob, burning estate, Lawrence and Gwen, but with realization and horror at the bite wound in his shoulder and then at the moon and what will be his inevitable fate.
Overlooking a burning Talbot Hall in the distance, the Wolfman's howl is heard once more, which might imply that Aberline is now the new Wolfman, as he was bitten by the Wolfman Lawrence.
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Indonesia :

Sejak kematian ibunya, Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) memutuskan untuk pergi dari rumah dan menghindar dari seluruh keluarganya. Bertahun-tahun kemudian, sesuatu mengubah pendirian Lawrence. Sebuah misteri yang menghantui tempat kelahirannya membuat Lawrence terpaksa harus kembali ke tempat yang tak pernah ingin ia kunjungi lagi itu.

Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt), tunangan kakak Lawrence, berhasil menemukan Lawrence dan memohon agar ia kembali ke kampung halamannya. Gwen ingin Larence membantunya mencari tunangannya yang menghilang tanpa jejak. Meski awalnya berat, Lawrence pun akhirnya mengabulkan permintaan Gwen dan kembali ke kampung halamannya.

Setibanya di sana, Lawrence kembali bertemu Sir John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins) dan mendengar kabar bahwa desa mereka saat ini dilanda pembunuhan misterius. Korban berjatuhan di tangan pembunuh sadis ini dan warga mengira bahwa kutukan kuno telah kembali untuk menghantui desa mereka. Konon, ada sekelompok manusia yang mampu berubah wujud menjadi serigala di saat bulan purnama dan mencari mangsa di sekitar hutan yang mereka huni.

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