Senin, 22 Agustus 2011


Balto's son Kodi (voiced by Sean Astin) works for the US Mail. Kodi loves his job and his new friends, - Dusty (voiced by Charity James), Kirby (voiced by Carl Weathers) and Ralph (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke). Balto (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is intrigued by the new bush plane that has arrived in Nome. He wishes to fly, just like the plane. When the pilot Duke (voiced by Keith Carradine) offers to take the place of the mail-dogs, Kodi and his friends are worried that they might lose their jobs. They have a resentment against the pilot. Meanwhile, Boris (voiced by Charles Fleischer) falls for a female goose named Stella (voiced by Jean Smart). She asks him to fly with her, but Boris is afraid of heights. He waits until the last moment before he eventually lies to her, claiming that he's suffering from numerous injuries that prevent him from flying.


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